Christopher, 12
St. Louis

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Hi, my name is Christopher. One of the things that I like doing is Taekwondo. It teaches me discipline, builds confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life. I also play the guitar and clarinet. What I like about Real Talk is that it keeps me away from the wrong things and shows me how to choose the right people to hang around. It gives me advice about the real world and it lets me know why people act the way the do. Real Talk shows me that everybody is not your friend. Some people just want to get you in trouble. It also teaches me how to stay away from drugs.


Kalyn, 11
St. Louis

Hi, my name is Kalyn. Real Talk's meditation session helps me to reflect on being positive at all times. Even when things are not going the way that I would like for them to go, meditating helps me keep a positive outlook. When I reflect on my storm, I see kids at my school that try to make me say or do things that aren't right. As a Palm Tree, I don't give in to what they say. I stand firm, be who I am, and don't let anyone control me, except me. I think that if kids or young adults have problems in their life, they should come and listen to what Mr. Sultan Muhammed has to say. 


Gage, 11
St. Louis

Hi my name is Gage. My goal in life is to be a future leader. I like helping others and being around people that love to enjoy life. I have been a member of the Boy Scouts of America since the 6th grade. The Boys Scouts along with Real Talk helps me be responsible, have character and direction. I like Real Talk also because of the outdoor activities, educational programs and mentorship that they provide. It will help me reach my goal in life.


Errianna, 20
St. Louis

My name is Errianna. Currently I am a college student. My major is Neuroscience with a minor in Biology and an Emphasis in Sociology. One of the accomplishments that I love about myself is the organization that I started on college Women of Worth Empowerment. My organization has created oppurtunities that will help other women feel great about themselves. What I love about Real Talk is that it's not just a program but its a family. We all are truly like brothers and sisters.